How to become a 'power user'

Are you using your search engine to its best advantage? You too can be a ‘power user’.

The definition of this term is ‘a knowledgeable and sophisticated user of computers’.

The resources that we have at our fingertips with the tap of a few keys and the screen in front of us are vast and becoming increasingly more sophisticated even while you are reading this.

But this isn’t about how to use Google. This is about being aware of where you are vulnerable in business.

Any con man can use his search engine to find out ‘how to’ in an instant with the wealth of knowledge on the World Wide Web.

Those with small businesses need to be aware of these types of people who think nothing of taking advantage of those willing to trust in the honesty and good nature of others; and I’m sure the majority of people are honest and ready to pay their bills.

However, no doubt you have come across that minority who aren’t everything they pretend to be.

For example, someone may walk into your office or business premise who is well spoken and intelligent with all the airs of someone with wealth and experience behind them.

And they want you to register a company.

But don’t be fooled by appearances and pay the fee yourself. Have them pay it with their own credit card.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to do a background check and use that handy search engine tool to enter a person’s name if you feel slightly uneasy about them.

You may be surprised what comes up.

Have a look at these links. It will prove my point:

This fellow is currently on the Gold Coast looking to rip off honest Gold Coasters of their hard earned income.

If you see this person or have any dealings with him then you need to call the Broadbeach Police Station Crime Unit immediately (Phone 07 5581 2800) and they will advise you on what to do.

It’s our desire to see small businesses grow and flourish, and definitely not be ripped off by those who take advantage of others to get their wealth.

Small businesses are the backbone of Australia’s economy.

I personally love to support local businesses by spending my money with them rather than just settling for the convenience of the larger chains.

Be a ‘power user’ and take advantage of that wealth of information that is available.

BusinessGrace Mackay