Welcome to the new year

Welcome to the new year

Welcome to 2015!

I didn’t get to Japan this holiday break, as I have done with my family in previous years, but I did find an amazing authentic Japanese restaurant in Mermaid Beach, just like the ones we went to in Tokyo.

The food was fantastic and fresh, and had the lively noisy atmosphere (without the cigarette smoke) that we loved in Japan. I highly recommend trying it, it’s called Etsu Izakaya.

Upon reflection over the Christmas period, I realised you don’t have to go away from where you live to be refreshed again towards your business or job. Being refreshed is the main purpose of a holiday and is vital in the busy lives we lead.

We need to take the opportunity to be refreshed over each weekend as well so we’re recharged for the following week. Don’t burn yourself out this year working full steam ahead until the following Christmas break.

It is important to recognise the triggers that cause anxiety or stress in our jobs and in our lives, and to make sure our work and daily lives work in harmony together.

So while I didn’t get to go to Japan, I still got a little taste of the experience, and spent a refreshing holiday at home with my friends and family. And I feel recharged for a new year.

How was your Christmas break? Are you feeling refreshed for a new year?